Joanna has written/produced and starred in over 100 videos for Flama. Videos range from animated, listicle, sketch and vlog (Joanna Rants) formats. Below are just a few of her creations. 

More episodes of each series as well as other sketches can be found on her YouTube page! CLICK HERE to get the full JOANNA RANT'S playlist.

Reasons Venezuela is a Total Disaster: A political rant about the situation in Venezuela. It has garnered millions of views.

LATINO FIELD STUDIES: Check out the pilot episode to this 8-part series!

Snapchat Haunting: One of the holiday sketches I have written and produced. This one was published for Halloween

SPANISH WORDS "WHITE" PEOPLE CAN'T SAY: My first viral creation! This video has gotten over 5 million views on our platforms. 

Argentinian Intervention: a fast-paced mapping sketch where Latin American countries perform an intervention on Argentina's cockiness problem.

The Eternal Venezuelan Birthday Song: .... Warning this viral hit gets scary. 

Latin Jewish Mom? Live stand-up set at Gotham Comedy Club.

HONEST TRANSLATION REGGAETON: a catchy musical parody of the objectification of women in reggaeton videos!

THINGS WHITE LATINOS ARE SICK OF HEARING:  This passion project of mine has received over a million views and has been covered by publications including Cosmopolitan, Good Magazine &  HuffPo.

ACCIDENTAL SPANISH CURSE WORDS: You say tomato, I say... a word for genital. Joanna Rants episode explaining why Spanish is awkward.

Signs You're Venezuelan: Viral video that explains what its like to be a Venezuelan living abroad.

WHITEBOARD WISDOM: This is the first episode of an animated series I created that was picked up by Coca-Cola. Check out the history behind Cinco de Mayo in just 40 seconds.

Millennial Horror Story: What happens with the real horror of a scary movie is just being an adult?