Check out Joanna’s sketches, rants, series as well as a compilation of some of her correspondent segments on Netflix’s “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

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Best of “Bill Nye Saves the World” on Netflix: Check out some of Joanna’s best of correspondent segments.

Types of Spanish Accents: With 3 million YouTube views and 10 million Facebook views, Types of Spanish Accents is the most watched Joanna Hausmann video.

Reasons Venezuela is a Total Disaster: A political rant about the situation in Venezuela. It has garnered millions of views.

Argentinian Intervention: a fast-paced mapping sketch where Latin American countries perform an intervention on Argentina's cockiness problem.

The Eternal Venezuelan Birthday Song: .... Warning this viral hit gets scary. 

Latin Jewish Mom? Live stand-up set at Gotham Comedy Club.

Latin Mom Medicine: A sketch which takes typical latin mom remedies into the doctors office.

New Spanish Language Travel Series: Para Llevar

HONEST TRANSLATION REGGAETON: a catchy musical parody of the objectification of women in reggaeton videos!

THINGS WHITE LATINOS ARE SICK OF HEARING:  This passion project of mine has received over a million views and has been covered by publications including Cosmopolitan, Good Magazine &  HuffPo.

ACCIDENTAL SPANISH CURSE WORDS: You say tomato, I say... a word for genital. Joanna Rants episode explaining why Spanish is awkward.