Things Non-Spanish Speaking Latinos Are Sick of Hearing

THE SERIES CONTINUES! First it was white latinos, then black latinos and now... this. Even though I speak Spanish (and may have acted like the Latina in this video a few times) I did my best to represent the lives of the Non-Spanish speakers. It's been watched over 200,000 times on Facebook as well as on Flama's player.

Quoted in Foreign Policy Magazine

Growing up, my home was always accompanied by the constant murmur of a CNN on full blast. The latest news in international politics where talked about with the same gravitas as I assume the latest bout of Kardashian gossip is talked about in sorority houses. Although I chose the world of comedy, the world of news is my home ground. Yesterday, my two words have been merged in Daniel Lansberg's latest piece in Foreign Policy Magazine where I was quoted responding to Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduros' obsession coups. CLICK HERE to read the article!


I was recently featured in a bilingual AT&T ad made by VICE. Check out the link below for the extended cut!