Venezuelan Art Festival

I performed some bilingual stand-up at the Venezuela Art Festival @ LOL New York in Times Square along with stand-up sensation Andreina Rancel and UCB's Veronica Osorio. Clips from it will be published online soon!


 This is my Bill Cosby Sweater

This is my Bill Cosby Sweater

UCB's Movie Cram Actress

UCB did the unimaginable: they made an entire full-length movie in 24 hours. What?! I know, it sounds totally insane but IT'S TRUE. "The New McDonalds" premiered the same day that it was pitched (Saturday October 19)! I was lucky enough to be a part of the production and was in a few of the MANY MANY MANY scenes. Stay tuned to see if they put that puppy online, cuz you'll be parapapapa lovin' it (that was actually the worst sentence ever written)

Check out the description they's much better than mine

Everyone's favorite sketch-show-made-in-a-day is attempting the impossible by making a FEATURE LENGTH FILM in one day! Featuring UCB's best writers, video directors and performers. This is going be insane and many people have told us it can not be done! Seriously! Lots of people have told us this is a bad idea! Lots! This might be a disaster! Ahhh! This will be a full movie premier complete with red carpet and popcorn!
Don't miss this CRAM!


Sketch Cram Writer @ UCB

Check it out Saturday September 4th at UCBeast! 11:30pm. Make reservations here: Upright Citizens Brigade September sketch cram

Once a month, we cram together UCB's top writers, performers, and students to craft an all-new sketch comedy show from scratch 

in a single day.

Featuring writers and performers from The Onion News Network, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and more!

Sketch Cram is all the comedy you can cram into a single show. Featuring 100% new content every month! 

Based on the show originally created by Charlie Sanders and Chris Gethard. 

Written By
Geoff Garlock
Stephen Soroka
Nathan Min
Jon Gutierrez
Siobhan Thompson
Natasha Vaynblat
Chris Teja
Joanna Hausmann

Geoff Garlock
Nathan Min
Stephen Soroka
Dawn Luebbe
Molly Thomas
Megan Maes
Murf Meyer
Annie Barry

Videos Directed By
Benjamin Apple
Adam Sacks

Directed By
Brandon Gulya, Matt Klinman and Zack Poitras

Produced By Whale Thief


 Im the only one with a dumb face

Im the only one with a dumb face

Portlandia Tweeting

I was chosen to guest tweet for IFC's Portlandia Twitter page. It was exhilarating (Joanna takes a deep breath and looks of into the distance, remember the memory of the tweet deck: Most popular of my Portlandia inspired tweets included:

1. Portland's Top Food Products: Tofu, Soy, Quinoa. Portand Top Baby Names: Tofu, Soy, Quinoa. 

2.  I hope British Lindsey Lohan from the Parent Trap is living a healthy life in . The 90s were better for everyone

3.  "They see me rollin, They hatin, Patrolling they tryin to catch me RIDIN DIRTAY"- Bike Rider in .

4. I'm a good person, I only give spare change to "local" homeless people. 

5.  The singing I do in the shower is a fusion of power-pop new age & folk. Totally made for niche audience 

6. Have you seen that new movie " "? Its so progressive it has no name  


Stand-Up Show with OverExposed

Stand-up show performance with OverExposed Comedy January 24th- 8PM at BareBurger.

Address 85 2nd Ave

Premium show at Bareburger on Thursday Jan 24th at 8PM.
FREE Admission and two drink min ($4 beers)

Extremely funny lineup
Your devilishly charming MC Adam Lucidi
Emily Lowinger
James Alexander
Kristin Manna
Keel Howard-Stone
Joanna Hausmann
Jason Salmon (hopefully)

And Probably some amazing surprise guests!