Portlandia Tweeting

I was chosen to guest tweet for IFC's Portlandia Twitter page. It was exhilarating (Joanna takes a deep breath and looks of into the distance, remember the memory of the tweet deck: https://twitter.com/ifcportlandia) Most popular of my Portlandia inspired tweets included:

1. Portland's Top Food Products: Tofu, Soy, Quinoa. Portand Top Baby Names: Tofu, Soy, Quinoa. 

2.  I hope British Lindsey Lohan from the Parent Trap is living a healthy life in . The 90s were better for everyone

3.  "They see me rollin, They hatin, Patrolling they tryin to catch me RIDIN DIRTAY"- Bike Rider in .

4. I'm a good person, I only give spare change to "local" homeless people. 

5.  The singing I do in the shower is a fusion of power-pop new age & folk. Totally made for niche audience 

6. Have you seen that new movie " "? Its so progressive it has no name