UCB's Movie Cram Actress

UCB did the unimaginable: they made an entire full-length movie in 24 hours. What?! I know, it sounds totally insane but IT'S TRUE. "The New McDonalds" premiered the same day that it was pitched (Saturday October 19)! I was lucky enough to be a part of the production and was in a few of the MANY MANY MANY scenes. Stay tuned to see if they put that puppy online, cuz you'll be parapapapa lovin' it (that was actually the worst sentence ever written)


Check out the description they wrote...it's much better than mine

Everyone's favorite sketch-show-made-in-a-day is attempting the impossible by making a FEATURE LENGTH FILM in one day! Featuring UCB's best writers, video directors and performers. This is going be insane and many people have told us it can not be done! Seriously! Lots of people have told us this is a bad idea! Lots! This might be a disaster! Ahhh! This will be a full movie premier complete with red carpet and popcorn!
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